Monogram Mania

Monogram mania with VioletFox


Yay. Finally bitten by the bug called Monogram mania. But come on, if your name is not monogrammed on something, does it really belong to you? Jokes apart, I have a thing for anything with a little personal touch. When it comes to gifting too, I gravitate more towards customized and personalized gifts. Because in my opinion personalized gifts are so thoughtful and your way to someone’s heart. Even though I have always admired those fabulous looking monogrammed letters on items, ironically I have not owned anything monogrammed till now. Finally, I had the chance to have my own monogrammed goodies, all thanks to VioletFox.

VioletFox previously known as Krafty chix specializes in custom engraved or monogrammed gifts for the special people in your life. They have a great collection of monogrammed bags, tees, jewelry, home decor, seasonal gifts like Easter baskets for kids, etc.

VioletFox was generous enough to gift me their most famous weekender tote, Buckle Cork Sandal, and customized Family Bangles. I am going to flaunt these in the upcoming months. For the tote and sandal, I asked them to Monogram my name’s initials. Generally, a traditional 3-letter monogram uses the initial of the person’s last name in the center, followed by the first initial of the individual’s first name and lastly on the right appears the middle letter representing the middle name. As I do not have a middle name, I asked them to engrave my first name and last name initials.

Monogram Mania

Weekender Tote

The weekender tote is of the perfect size for any of my weekend outings to a beach, picnic or camping. It has enough space to carry my stuff as well as my kid’s stuff. Aesthetically it looks cool and casual. Now I call it real customization. You can select the engraving font style, thread color of font and you have three options in the tote color.You can choose from white, black and tan.


Monogra Mania

Monogram Buckle Cork Sandals

The monogrammed buckle cork sandals are so apt for any spring summer outfits and very trendy. They are most comfortable while traveling.


Monogram Mania

Family bangles

Among all of these items sent to me, the family bangle is my most favorite for obvious reason. Along with cute beads, it has names of my sweet little family ie mine, hubby’s and my little ones. You have the option to choose up to 8 birthstone beads and 8 names of your choice, heart charm included. This has such an emotional touch to it. I am sure, it’s going to be on my wrist for the rest of my life.


Monogram Mania

So guys, if you are looking for thoughtful customized gifts for your friends and family and loved ones for any special occasion or just want to indulge in the monogram mania for yourself, you know where to look for it. You will definitely find something distinctive and creative from their huge collection to delight your special one.

And hang on there, VioletFox is giving my readers a huge discount of 50% when you use code “violet50” valid till 31/05/2019.So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and indulge in some Monogram mania.


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Monogram Mania


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