5 Fall must have sweaters

If you ask me one thing that I like most about Fall season, I will say it’s those cute sweaters. When it comes to buying sweater, you can never have too many. There are so many pretty patterns and different color options we have. Easily a sweater look can be dressed up or dressed down by the way we accessorize it. It can be paired with the skinny jeans, leggings or a nice skirt and a pair of sneakers, ankle length booties or knee length boots based on your preference.

But dressing up for fall can be a little tricky as the temperature keeps on changing throughout the day and throughout the season. That’s why I feel a mix bag of sweater with different level of thickness and styles are all we need this season.

So here I am going to list down the 5 must have sweaters which we should have this Autumn


Pullover Sweater




A nice knitted pullover sweater is so versatile. There can be nothing as comfortable as a nice sweater and a pair of jeans. Here you can see me wearing a mustard color pullover sweater paired with navy corduroy skirt.The whole ensemble is so fall like. These types of sweaters will come handy on the chilly winter when you want one more level of layering under your jackets

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Mustard yellow pullover sweater


Duster cardigan



These duster cardigans are breaking the Instagram right now. They are the most trending transitional piece, this season. These comes in all possible colors and goes with everything. You can layer it on your dresses and pair with cute booties to give a nice transitional look or wear it on a t-shirt and jeans and pull off a casual everyday ensemble.

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Walmart Duster Cardigan


Draped cardigan



Oh, how much I love this pattern because of its convenience to hide those extra flabs. The name is so apt as it gets draped around your body and give a nice look. It always looks best with leggings or tights to balance the bulkiness at the top.

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Kohl’s Draped cardigan


Fine knitted cardigan


A fine knitted cardigan which is not that bulky is perfect for the early days of autumn when the temperature is not that cool, but you still need a layering while going out. Also, these are perfect for the rising temperatures of day time. I have styled this pretty pink cardigan in two different ways once with skinny white jeans and crop top and another time with simple shorts and t-shirt.

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H&M fine knitted cardigan


knitted top cum sweater


Knitted tops are best for those days when you really don’t need a thick sweater, but a little bit of warmth is all you need. I love this 3/4th sleeve t-shirt from Uniqlo as its true to size and very comfortable. I use it so often while running errands.

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Uniqlo knitted t-shirt




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