Mother’s day 2019 : Motherhood is my Superpower

” For when a child is born the mother also is born again” ~ Gilbert Parker

Dear Riyansh, you have turned five now. I am going to celebrate mother’s day with you for the fifth year. Becoming your mother has never been easy. You are not my first born. Before having you in my life, I had to suffer the heartache of losing a little one who slipped to heaven before coming to the world. After that unexpected miscarriage at the starting of the second trimester, I was broken, shattered. I almost gave up the hope of becoming a mother, and just then you came to my womb like a ray of sunshine. I started living again, dreaming again.

These nine months were not a rosy path. After some tears and prayers, many moments of pain and frustration, a lot of anticipation of a high-risk complicated pregnancy finally you came to my world. The feeling of holding the tiny you for the first time in my shaky hands is still afresh. My heart was aching with joy. For the first time in my life, I felt that unconditional love towards a little human being whom I never met before. It was love at first sight indeed.

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws”~ Barbara Kingsolver

So was it like happily ever after from there on? No, motherhood is not that simple and sorted. Being a mother is a roller coaster ride, sometimes it’s exciting, the next moment it’s scary.

When you were detected with neonatal jaundice just after the second day of your birth, they shifted you to NICU for photo therapy. With all the scars, stitches and unimaginable pain of a c-section delivery, I got up from the bed in the 3rd day itself and started walking to the NICU , every two hours just to breastfeed you. I wanted to give you the best. Yes, motherhood can move mountains. A mother can go to any level for her child’s well being.

After a few days, we took you home. As a first time, inexperienced parents, we were always cautious, over-possessive with you. There were sleepless nights, midnight visits to the emergency wards even if you cried a little more than usual or puked a few times.

“Silence is golden. Unless you have kids. Then silence is just suspicious”.~ Anonymous

As you grew up day by day, motherhood became chaotic, messy and maddening. You became the little monster. Life became as difficult as walking on a rope, a balancing act between work, playdate, feeding, potty cleaning and story time. Weeks started falling short. There are moments when after doing so much I feel like not doing anything. Being a mother can be overwhelming sometimes.

Motherhood is… difficult and… rewarding ” ~Gloria Estefan

We have our share of happy moments too. When you took the first step, called me mama for the first time, started singing the rhymes for the first time ever, as a mother it felt like getting a noble or Pulitzer prize. I had never felt so proud in my life even when achieved something big academically or professionally. When you fall asleep, the little monster in you turns into a little angel. Last month I was down with fever and you cried your hearts out saying, mama please don’t die. It just melts my heart.

Every day, Holding your hand, I walk down the memory lane of my childhood. With you, I experience the same bond I shared with my mother. I see the world through your curious eyes. You made me a better person, a stronger human being, both mentally and physically. I have become more patient, more mature. I have traveled a long way in these five years. From being a fragile girl, I have turned into a strong woman. You are my weakness but Motherhood is my superpower.

Mother's Day

Mother's day

Mother's Day


Mother's Day

Mother's Day


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N.B: Even though this post was sponsored by Thread Tank, all the opinions are solely mine.


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