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    Feminine vibe redefined with Chicwish

    “Feminine vibe redefined with Chicwish “, this was my caption, when I posted my first look from Chicwish in my Instagram account. And why not! Once you navigate through Chicwish website, first thing that comes to your mind is feminine-chic. I always wanted to try Chicwish outfits because they looked so dang cute, every time I saw them on fellow bloggers or Facebook ad pop up. And if you follow me , you must be knowing , I rarely fall short on girly factor. A Sip of Life is all about feminine style. So when I finally got to partner with them, I was overly excited to try and style…

  • Holiday outfit ideas

    Holiday outfit ideas 2019 Part ll

    Figuring out what to wear for Holiday parties can be stressful. But no worries . As promised in my last Post related to “Holiday Outfit ideas”I am back with few more last minute outfit inspo for Christmas and New year’s eve which you all can easily pull off. so here goes the Holiday outfit ideas part II. Casual cute Sweater   A sweater may sound very basic for holiday parties but once you figure out how to style a sweater to make it party appropriate , you can get a fashionable yet most relaxed look. Choose a holiday appropriate color like bright red or green. Pair them with a cool…

  • Holiday outfit ideas 2019

    Holiday outfit ideas 2019

    This is the time of the year. As Christmas is just around the corner, I thought of sharing a few fun festive holiday party looks which you don’t want to miss. But let me start by saying that we can not wear the same type of outfits to all different holiday parties. The vibe of each party differs so should be our outfits. There are office parties, party at neighbour’s house, family gatherings, wine and dine with friends. You can’t just wear the same sexy sequins mini dress you shopped for the Christmas Eve to your office party. And if you are a volunteer at your kid’s class holiday party…

  • How to wear a sweater dress

    How to wear a sweater dress

    They say, it’s sweater weather. I say, it’s sweater dress weather. Sweater dress is that kind of outfit which is ridiculously comfortable yet stylish.Come Autumn, I am practically living in them.A dressy girl like me, can never have too many of them. I mean seriously, this is the perfect time of the year to have one, two or too many (Lol). When it comes to sweater dress shopping ,we have tons of different styles to choose from, be it turtleneck, crewneck,mock neck, v-neck, chunky knit, rib knit, oversized–the list goes on and on. Not only that, the same sweater dress can be styled in so many different ways . All…

  • Colder weather coat guide

    Cold weather coat guide for year 2019

    Last year, this time, I wrote a blog post about     “ 5 types of coats every woman should own”.As the temperature has started dropping, it was about time to upgrade my closet, as well the existing blog post with latest trends of coats. So this post is an extension of my last year’s post about the cold weather coat guide where I am going to round-up all my favourite coat trends this season. I have already added these trendy pieces to my closet and I hope this will help your shopping for the colder days, little easier.   Utility jackets According to me, Utility jackets are like a basic…

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    The only dress you need for any special occasion during Fall

    Lace dresses! Why do you come back in my life, (aka closet ) time and again? Why do I always fall for you? Why are you so pretty in every colour, pattern and length? Last summer,  I was obsessed with you, see the proof here in this blog post related to the perfect Lace dress for Summer. And now the temperature has cooled off but I still can’t let you go. You came back to me in an improvised version of your self, in the most appropriate colour for Fall. Plum lace dress, you have my heart. You are the perfect lace dress for any special occasion during Fall. Ok…

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    How to wear animal print this Fall

    Do you have a style or print you hated a few years ago but love it now? Animal print is that one style for me. If you asked Sudipa in 2015, whether she loves animal prints, she would have given you at least 10 funny reasons to why not wear them. Looking like a walking jungle or just escaped from the zoo can be few of them😂. But it’s 2019 and guess what, that same Sudipa can give you 20 reasons to wear them. Maybe another post on that later. But For now,  I am sharing my take on how to wear Animal print this Fall. Because animal print is…

  • One year Anniversary of blogging

    One year Anniversary of blogging

    Time flies. It surely does. It feels like yesterday when I think of the moment I hit the publish button in my WordPress blog. Today is the day exactly a year ago “A Sip of life” was born. It was a moment full of excitement, anxiety, anticipation, all kind of mixed emotions together. Being a private person, the decision of putting myself in the public arena was not so easy. Also the apprehension of being judged and criticized by others was holding me back for long. Coming from a society where women are judged for every single decision, starting a fashion blog needed a bit of courage and self-confidence. Many…

  • Travel in style and comfort

    How to travel in style and comfort

    Hello, my fashionistas. I am back from my recent Virginia trip, all rejuvenated and charged up to take on the busy day to day life.As much as I love traveling, planning my outfits and packing for the trip is what I like even more.That’s the inner fashionista in me.And while selecting my travel ensemble, I always have one and only motto that is ”how to travel in style and comfort ”.  Selecting my outfits depend on too many factors like the place I am visiting, the weather there, mode of transport, whether we are on a road trip to a weekend getaway or jetting from a city or country to another…

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    Transitioning into Fall with these dresses from Pinkpoodle Fashion

    Ok,so it’s still 100’ temp here and I have started day dreaming about cooler days.Fall will officially start in a month and transitioning into a new season with some new fashion trend is always so much fun.when I am sad that Summer would be over, at the same time I am getting little excited about the Fall trends.And I am not ready to pack my Summer outfits completely as I can easily transform many of them into a perfect Fall outfit.So here I am sharing 3 of these dresses which are my top pick for transitioning into fall. Neutral colors Neutral colors like black,beige,brick red ,olive are always considered as…