5 types of coats every woman should own

5 Types of coats every woman should own

So ladies and ladies, let’s talk about the most essential winter wardrobe piece today. Coats are hands down the necessity of the season. Moreover, if you stay in a country where this chilly climate dominates half of the year then you can never have too many of them. Also, one coat can never serve all the purpose. Hence we should build a collection of a few for different temperatures and different occasions. So without wasting more time, here I am going to share my list of 5 types of coats every woman should own and few tips to buy a perfect one.

 A puffer coat : coats every woman should own

A Puffer coat

When it comes to the freezing temperature, a nice puffer coat is the one which can protect you from the cold. Their warm, water-resistant material is the most effective for chilling snowy as well as rainy days. This unmistakably tops my list of winter coats. A puffer coat is not a luxury but a necessary wardrobe essential.

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A Peacoat: coats every woman should own

A Peacoat

Want to look stylish and classy in your winter wear. A peacoat is an absolute must-have. These short, double-breasted, woollen overcoats, formerly worn by sailors are quite popular in the winter fashion scene. You can easily style it with a nice skirt and a hat and create a vintage look.

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Leather jacket: coats every woman should own

Leather Jacket

Calling them smart is an understatement. Leather jackets are uber cool and can easily add extra edginess to your outfit. These are also perfect transitional pieces for Fall to winter transition or winter to spring. Fits the bill of perfect street style too.

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Moto Jacket : coats every woman should have

Moto Jacket

Just like leather jackets, moto jackets scream coolness. Toss it over a dressy dress just the way I did, or pair it with some coordinated bottom, you have so many options to dress up or down your outfit with a moto jacket.

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A Statement coat : coats every woman should own

Statement Coat

Ok. So now we all should have at least one statement coat in our collections for the special occasions. Do you agree that coats can also be a statement piece of attire too? I simply love the fact how a nice fitted coat can create a fashion statement. So basically a statement coat can make you stand out in the crowd. For me, my duster plaid coat is that one.

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Few tips for choosing a perfect coat

So now some Gyan on how to choose a perfect coat

  • The first thumb rule for buying a coat is to invest in a good one. Never compromise on the quality as sustainability depends on quality. And you may need the coat for several winters. Also, the warmth of the coat too depends on the quality of the fabric.
  • Keep Space for layering for a sweater so never do the mistake of buying a body-hugging one. While trying always try with a sweater underneath as the possibility is you have to wear a sweater below your coat most of the time.
  • Embrace some colour while choosing a new one. Winter is already a dull season so to brighten up the mood it is always good to add some pop of colours to the outfit. Ditch the regular black and navy and go for some different colour hues like bright red, pastel pink or mustard yellow.
  • Last but not least, don’t go by trend while buying a coat. Rather go for the one which suits your body type. For example, faux fur is a huge trend this winter but I never bought one as I could not find one which suits my small structure.


So that’s all for today. Let me know about your personal favourite in coats.A l so, c,heck my post on  5 must have sweaters for Fall & Winter




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