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    Fall Weekend Getaway guide to Cape Cod

    Cape Cod might not be the conventional New England Fall getaway spot, but there are plenty of reasons to visit this coastal side of New England during Fall. Due to its milder weather, autumn is considered the “Second Summer” on Cape Cod. Locals consider this as the best season of all. Fun Fall festivals, great outdoor adventures, warmer weather, and fewer crowds make this a perfect destination during Autumn. We spent a Fall weekend on Cape Cod and did some really fun stuff. If you are interested in family-friendly outdoor activities, just like us, then Cape Cod has so much to offer in the Fall. So, here I am going…

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    A Spring Getaway guide to the quintessential Grafton Inn, Vermont

    We just came back from the most relaxing spring getaway to the quintessential Grafton Inn, Vermont, and I am here to share all the details with you guys. When most think of Vermont, they think of Fall or Winter, but spring in Vermont is often underrated. Especially late Spring, when the muddy season is over. This is the season of fresh maple syrup, lush greenery, and blooming wildflowers in the stunning valleys and hillsides of Vermont. We visited Grafton in early May and, the weather was very  favorable. We started early in the morning and drove through the scenic routes and crossed many picturesque small towns. This 4 and half…

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    The Sayre Mansion:Step back in time in this Historic B&B of Bethlehem, PA

    Whether it’s a chic urban hotel or some unique Airbnb, America has a wide array of accommodation types to offer to its travelers and you will never run out of options. The Sayre Mansion is one such classic Bed and breakfast where history meets modern-day comfort. Where is Sayre Mansion: Nestled in the historic town of Bethlehem in the stunning Leigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Sayre Mansion is situated near all the city landmarks like the Lehigh University, St. Luke’s Hospital, the Steel Stacks Performing Arts Center, etc. The Steel Stacks is visible right outside the front door of the building. Bethlehem is around 2 hrs driving distance from New York…

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    7 reasons why you should stay at Ledges Hotel, Hawley, PA in your next Poconos trip

    After staying home for more than a year, we finally went on a mini-vacay to Poconos for pre mother’s day celebration and had so much fun during our stay at Ledges Hotel, Hawley, PA. Poconos mountain is no doubt the most sought-after destination for people of NJ, NY & PA. And this was not our first trip to Poconos. But this time, the highlight of our trip was our stay at Ledges for many reasons. So if you’re thinking about taking a trip to Poconos in the upcoming days, I would like to share 7 reasons why you should consider staying at Ledges Hotel, PA. Historic value, rustic charm Ledges…

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    Day trips in NJ in winter- Visit Adventure Aquarium Camden

      Winter is here. With winter comes the challenge of restricted visit to outdoor places like zoo, park, beaches etc with kids. Thinking of where to go for day trips in NJ in winter? Adventure Aquarium Camden NJ can be your sure shot destination in any of these winter weekends. It is a great place for few hours of unlimited indoor family fun in this chilling climate. Just like you , I have a preschooler. And keeping him entertained during his Christmas holiday break was a task, a tough task I must say. When I was looking for day trips in NJ in winter, I came to know about this…

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    Lehigh gorge scenic railway train ride-The best thing to do in Jim Thorpe, PA

    Lehigh gorge scenic railway Train Ride Short trips are so much fun. Those are like bonus points. Unplanned one are even better. Our visit to Jim Thorpe, PA was one of that spontaneous trip. We heard about this place and about the Beautiful Lehigh gorge scenic railway train ride,from our friends and it was in our visit list for a month but that was just not materializing because of some reason. Finally, one not so fine morning (not so fine because of the cloudy, windy weather) we still decided to venture out as there was no rain in forecast for our destination. Fall was supposed to be on peak this…

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    Baps shri swaminarayan mandir nj, USA

    Sri Swaminarayan temple , New Jersey is a symbol of Indian art, culture and spirituality. This is one of the sixth BAPS temple in North America region.  The beautiful structure is made out of chiseled Italian marble. The intricate architecture makes the visitors spellbound. The whole surrounding is so tranquil and serene.A must visit Hindu temple near Edison, New Jersey

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    Where is watkins glen and all other things you should know before visiting the park

    On our recent 3 days trip to Philadelphia Washington DC and Niagara Falls, we visited many beautiful places, few natural, few man-made. Niagara fall has its own awe-inspiring charm and larger than life beauty. But on our journey, one more place which fascinated us most is the Watkins Glen State Park and I would not be able to do justice to this place if I don’t write a whole blog post about it.So let’s start with where is watkins glen? Location Watkins Glen State Park is situated outside the village of Watkins Glen, in New York’s Finger Lakes region,245 miles away from New York City. The best part about this place…