• Caripro Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush

    Caripro Ultrasonic Electric toothbrush Review & Giveaway

    Hello everyone. How many of you agree that smile is the best accessory we can ever wear? Then why not talk about a product which helps us enhancing our precious smile. Get the clue? OK, so today in my blog, I am going to review an electric toothbrush called Caripro ultrasonic electric toothbrush made by a company named Smile Brilliant. About So let me give you a brief overview of this company. Smile Brilliant started as a family-owned company that set out to provide professional quality teeth whitening within the comforts of home. Eventually, they have expanded beyond teeth whitening and developed the electric toothbrush. Today they are one of…

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    10 cute valentine’s day gifts for her

    Love is in the air.The other day I went to Walmart and saw racks are flooded with heart-shaped chocolate boxes and pink teddy bears. Now to tell you the truth, I don’t have anything against chocolates or teddies. In fact, nowadays I eat my chocolates when the little one is sleeping. Motherhood challenges you know. Jokes apart, chocolates as Valentine’s day gift are nice but I am going to share 10 simple and cute valentine’s day gifts for her. Heart Printed Chef’s apron Bathrobe  slipper set Red Heart Valentine’s Day iPhone Case Calvin Klein 4-Pc. Women’s Perfume set Swarovski Bow Bracelet Women’s silk scarf Forever 21 Heart Shaped purse MAC…

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    10 Non cheesy valentine’s day gifts for him

    Does valentine’s day hold any significance in your life? It may sound cliche, but for me, every day is valentine’s day. If you have a partner who showers love, care and respect towards you with each small gesture, every day can be special. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a day in an extra special way. So how I am planning to do that? Maybe a long drive and a nice dinner. And of course, I am not going to gift him some sappy cards, flowers or chocolates. I think we have crossed that level in our relationship. When it comes to gifting, I am more of a practical…

  • Jord Wood Watches Review

    Jord Wood Watches review: The watch that stands out in terms of quality + craftsmanship + style

    Hey everyone. Today’s post is going to be extra special. A new year means a new beginning. I have started my New year with a proud partnership with Jord Wood Watches And I am super excited to share all the details about these unique wood watches with you. The specialty of JORD So you may ask what is so special about Jord. Well, there are many qualities what sets Jord apart from the other watch brands. This American brand is extremely passionate about sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. Each timepiece is made from exquisite, rare and 100% natural single sourced hardwood, powered by modern mechanics and finished off with a tough and natural…

  • Top 5 educational toys as Christmas gift

    Top 5 educational toys as Christmas gift for kids 2018

    Looking for some last minute Christmas gift ideas for kids. I am here to help. Being a mother of a soon to be five years old, I was looking for toys which we can gift him on his birthday and in Christmas morning. So thought of sharing my list with you people as it might be helpful to some of you. When it comes to buying toys for my little one, I always try to find out the toys with some educational values. Toys which help them learning different skills. Also which can keep them engaged for if not hours but at least for 15 minutes. There can be nothing…

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    Christmas gift ideas for her on a budget

      Christmas is knocking at our door. Along with setting up the Christmas trees, buying gifts for all is also in our to-do list. Choosing the perfect gift for the women in your life can be a little daunting, as it is hard to please them. But worry not, here I am rounding up few awesome Christmas gift ideas for her, be it your mom, your wife or your best friend. And the best part is these falls under different budget range.So you can choose based on what suits your pocket.         Home Spa gift basket Fossil Watch & Jewelry set Macy’s Diamond Accent Script Initial 18″…

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    The significance of Golu-festival of dolls described with golu images

    This year I had the privilege to visit my friend Sowmiya’s(Sowmiya Natarajan) Golu display at her new jersey home.When I shared those pictures of nicely decorated dolls and figurine with my friends and family many of them were curious to know about the significance of golu. So here I am trying to pen down the meaning and purpose behind this ritual in a simplistic way for you all. Navratri is celebrated in different parts of India in different ways and names. But the underlying meaning and the message is same for all-it’s the triumph of good over devil.In west Bengal and other states from East,durga puja is the essence of…

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    Ganesh puja pandal visit in New Jersey

    When you are staying in Maharashtra for a decade Ganesh Chaturthi becomes the most celebrated festival of your life. Ganesh Puja is celebrated with gaiety and fervor in both Mumbai, the most spirited city of India as well as in Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra, where We have spent last 12 years of our life. Let me confess one thing, I am not a religious person who follows the nitty gritty of every ritual ,do fasting, gives Anjali and all. Rather I love the festivities all around us ,the positivity these festival bring in our life, how these celebrations connect people with each other and of course the fun…