Colder weather coat guide

Cold weather coat guide for year 2019

Last year, this time, I wrote a blog post about     5 types of coats every woman should own”.As the temperature has started dropping, it was about time to upgrade my closet, as well the existing blog post with latest trends of coats. So this post is an extension of my last year’s post about the cold weather coat guide where I am going to round-up all my favourite coat trends this season. I have already added these trendy pieces to my closet and I hope this will help your shopping for the colder days, little easier.


Utility jackets

According to me, Utility jackets are like a basic black tee which you should definitely have in your closet. They are such a wardrobe staple. Easy to style and perfect for layering. Investing in a good utility jacket can be the best fashion choice for the season. They are most popular in olive or navy colour but I went a little offbeat and added a pink one to my collection.

Cold weather coat guide

Utility Jacket @Obsessions boutique


Teddy coats

Teddy coats are such timeless pieces with an oversized look yet have so much feminine touch to them. If you don’t already own one yet, then this is the perfect time to add this style to your colder weather closet. They are incredibly soft and cosy and literally feels like you are wearing a blanket. They keep you warm and make you look super cute.

Cold weather coat guide

Teddy coat @withlovepeach


Sherpa Coats/jackets

Ultra cosy Sherpa jackets are every fashionista’s favourite, this season. There can be nothing like bundling up in these fuzzy jackets, whether you are indoor,  next to the fire or going out to run errands. The best part is, you find them in every possible colour and in every outlet of your choice.

Colder weather coat guide Sherpa Jacket @withlovepeach


Animal print coat

Do you remember that in my previous post on coats, I mentioned about the statement coat every woman should have in their closet for a special occasion? If I had to choose only one to add to my existing statement coats this season, then it has to be an animal print one. Animal prints on coats are trending big, just like any other outfits. And it definitely qualifies for an entry in the statement category. It instantly brings so much more to an ordinary outfit and makes it look chic.

Cold weather coat guide

Leopard coat @lulus


Few Styling tips on coats

  • When it comes to choose the colour of your coats, don’t shy away from choosing a few offbeat colours. It’s good to skip the regular black, camel and navy and go for colours which you don’t already own.
  • Be innovative while styling your coats. Add a belt on top of your coat to bring some purposeful changes to the regular look.
  • Any oversized coats like Sherpa or teddy coats are best paired with skinny bottoms to balance the fluffy-ness at the top.
  • Throwing your long coats on a sweater dress is such a great way to break the boredom of regular pairing with leggings or jeans. You always have the option to wear a pair of stockings underneath, if the temperature is low.
  • Accessorize your coats with cute beanies to get that girl next door look. Beanies are the most inexpensive yet adorable accessories to have in colder weather.


So as I said before, coats are one of the most practical pieces to invest on. And is always advisable to invest in a few good one. Every year new trends related to this wardrobe staple surfaces. So take a pick based on your personal style and upgrade your winter closet with this wardrobe essential.


Coat weather coat guide


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