Travel in style and comfort

How to travel in style and comfort

Hello, my fashionistas. I am back from my recent Virginia trip, all rejuvenated and charged up to take on the busy day to day life.As much as I love traveling, planning my outfits and packing for the trip is what I like even more.That’s the inner fashionista in me.And while selecting my travel ensemble, I always have one and only motto that is ”how to travel in style and comfort ”. 

Selecting my outfits depend on too many factors like the place I am visiting, the weather there, mode of transport, whether we are on a road trip to a weekend getaway or jetting from a city or country to another by plane. But there are few pieces which are in my absolute must-have list for traveling and can be styled effortlessly to tick the boxes of style and comfort.And l can assure you that comfortable travel outfits need not be sluggish.

So on today’s blog post, I am going to share my travel looks from my recent trip where I have included these must-have pieces to create a perfect balance between comfort and style.


Travel in style and comfort

Denim+Comfy T-shirt + Long Cardigan

Whether I am traveling by car or Plane, this is one combination which works perfectly for both. You can easily replace denim with your favorite comfy legging here.But a stylish long cardigan is a must-have in every fashion blogger’s list.You can choose a fine knitted one if the temperature is high or a more snuggly one like mine depending on the weather.

Cardigan: Shopthemint


Travel in style and comfort

Maxi dress + flipflops

Maxi dresses are my absolute favorite while on a vacation.For, they are easy to pack, mostly wrinkle-free material, need no ironing, takes very little space and flowy and comfortable.They come in every style and pattern to perfectly go with the location. For example, the one I am wearing here is a lace maxi dress which was apt for the beach.

Maxi dress:Pinkblush


Travel in style and comfort

Overall or Pinafore dress + sneakers

A stylish overall or a pinafore dress is reigning the fashion scene. They are cute and comfy which makes them a perfect travel outfit.Pair them with your comfiest sneakers and explore a new city by walking.And I bet this look can never go wrong.

Pinafore dress : Peach


Travel in style and comfort

Sweat shirt + sneakers + cap + backpack

This combination screams comfort and style together and makes you look the most stylish traveler.I can’t emphasize more on the necessity of a cute yet functional backpack to keep your hands free.

Sweatshirt, Cap & Backpack : LanyStyle


Travel in style and comfort

Basic T-shirt + Moto Jacket

This combination of a basic tee and a moto jackets can give you such a fierce look which can be a great outfit for airport or City center hopping in your destination town.A leather moto jacket like this immediately upgrades your look to those of a frequent flier. I threw my black leather jacket on my basic white tee and paired them with those sexy snakeskin booties to create that cool tourist look.

Moto Jacket:Lulus


Travel in style and comfort

Loungewear + Sneakers

A cozy loungewear set can make your life easy during traveling. Those feel like pajamas but can give you the style and confidence of Victoria Beckham. Loungewear like these are an epitome of comfortable yet stylish clothes.

Loungewear :FemmeLuxe


So, it’s practical to pack few basics and comfortable pieces like soft tees, sneakers , denims etc and accessorize them with cool sunnies, backpacks, a scarf and layer them with a cardigan or a moto jacket. With these pieces and accessories you can easily create versatile travel looks like those celebrities or your favourite fashion bloggers.When it comes to shoes always remember to pack the tried and tested one to avoid any discomfort during traveling.

I hope you liked these travel outfits.Let me know which is your favorite out of them through comments below.


How to travel in style and comfort

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