How to wear animal print this Fall

Do you have a style or print you hated a few years ago but love it now? Animal print is that one style for me. If you asked Sudipa in 2015, whether she loves animal prints, she would have given you at least 10 funny reasons to why not wear them. Looking like a walking jungle or just escaped from the zoo can be few of them😂. But it’s 2019 and guess what, that same Sudipa can give you 20 reasons to wear them. Maybe another post on that later. But For now,  I am sharing my take on how to wear Animal print this Fall. Because animal print is hands down, the hottest trend this season

How much animal print is too much

When it comes to adopting a trend, I never follow it blindly.  I always believe, there’s a thin line between being stylish and tacky. And managing to stay on the right side of animal print fashion can be a little tricky. So before jumping on the bandwagon of animal print lover this Fall, we definitely need to know  “ how much is too much”. So my styling tips would be more about keeping it subtle to get a sophisticated look with these striking patterns.

Start with a leopard print dress

You might have already seen me in a leopard dress in one of my blog post related to transitioning into FallIf you are a beginner like me, then leopard prints are the best to start with, as compared to zebra, tiger or Snakeskin. It almost suits everyone. As the print is already edgy and bold, try to keep the rest of the things subtle. Pair your dress with some neutral colour OTK boots or ankle booties.

How to wear animal print this Fall

Leopard dress @amazonfashion

An animal print skirt

An animal print skirt is officially a staple in every fashionista’s closet. Pairing it with a neutral blouse or a sweater can keep the outfit simple yet interesting and makes a gorgeous Fall outfit. Perfect for date night or brunch out.

How to wear animal print this Fall

Animal print skirt @theimpeccablepig

Layering with animal print

This season, I am all excited about all things animal prints. Layering a solid colour dress with an animal print cardigan or jacket can elevate a plain outfit but still keep it simple.

How to wear animal print this Fall

Leopard Cardigan @Luaroe

Animal print booties

Booties for me is a symbol of Fall just like autumn leaves and pumpkin spice latte. So bringing those animal prints to the most important accessories of the season is a must. Again, pair it up with solid colour top and denim.

How to wear animal print this Fall

SnakeSkin booties @lulus

A little pop of animal print

Even a little bit of animal print makes a lot of difference in any outfit. If you don’t want to try something too crazy then,  instead of trying it in your outfit, you can always add a pop of animal print through those accessories like a clutch purse, a belt or even a scarf. 

How to wear animal print this Fall

Leopard Clutch purse @amazon

What not to do when trying this trend

  • Avoid mixing more than one animal print as there can be very few fashionistas who can pull that off.
  • Don’t wear too many accessories with animal prints. Keep the accessories simple and tasteful.
  • I suggest avoiding animal prints in unrealistic colours like a pink cheetah or green leopard as those become way too risky to rock.

So when it comes to animal prints, the key to get an elegant look depends on how you are pairing these bold prints with other monochrome colours. Chose carefully and let’s go wild with animal print this Fall. 


How to wear animal print


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