• Places to wear a pleated maxi dress

    A trendy maxi dress + Occasions to wear a pleated Maxi dress

    Hey girls, say hello to this Stunning maxi dress from Mint julep boutique. I thought it would be such a pity if I don’t share this gorgeous tomato red pleated maxi dress look with you all. Can I say I am obsessed? I felt like swirling and twirling in this. And why not. It’s so flattering, timeless and versatile at the same time. Can be worn to almost all special occasions this Summer. So on the blog today, I am featuring this Gorgeous maxi dress plus sharing my thoughts on the most appropriate occasions to wear a pleated maxi dress like this.   On an exotic vacation Can someone book…

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    The Breezy Summer dresses from NeeSee’s Dresses- A Summer must have

    Hey girls, are you a dress maniac like me? I just love dresses. Long and Flowy, girly and floral, ruffles and lace, I love them all. They make me feel so feminine. So I am always in the lookout for cute and pretty dresses. And as you know, I love to share my latest findings with you all, be it the latest fashion trend or a new boutique. So today, I am going to introduce you to a boutique called NeeSee’s Dresses which is a paradise for dress lovers like me. I have never written a haul post before but I think I am obsessed enough with their collection to…

  • Amazon Fashion finds June'19

    Amazon fashion finds for the month of June’19

    Lately, I am shopping a lot from Amazon. All thanks to my Amazon Prime membership which I originally took to watch all the web series. Being the shopaholic I am, how could I not take advantage of my prime membership to satisfy my shopping quest. Shop at the convenience of your home and things are delivered at your doorstep in a day or two. How fun is that? Moreover returning the pieces you don’t like are also easy enough which may not be the cases for fashion lovers favourite sites like Shein etc. I love to shop from Amazon because I can find almost every latest fashion trends which are…

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    Customizing your dress with eShakti

    Ladies and ladies, I have a question for you today. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? Well, I had. Though my life took a different turn and I ended up becoming a software engineer, in my heart I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Even though I could not become one, finally, with eskati I got a chance to design my own dress. Customizing your dress with eshakti is so much fun. And that too at the convenience of your own home. You must be thinking, how. The details following soon. About eshakti eShakti is a women’s online fashion retailer who specializes in personalized clothing made…

  • perfect lace midi dress for Summer

    The Perfect Lace Midi Dress for Summer

    Hey girls, I am back with a new blog post today. And I promise this is going to be short and sweet where I am going to rave about my current favourite perfect lace midi dress for Summer. Literally, this dress is everywhere. Instagram is flooded with this dress. And why not, it is really gorgeous and comes in the sweetest colours. I am going to show you how I styled it and also going to link a few of my favourite Lace midi dresses at the end. This dress is perfect for many occasions in Summer, from graduations to bridal showers, baby showers, Sunday Brunch out and beyond. The…

  • Women’s athleisure apparel for gym, work and

    Women’s athleisure apparel for gym, work and play with Peach

    Hello my fashionistas, Sorry for being MIA for so long. Life has been crazy busy with a five-year-old Super active kid. Finally, Summer has officially started so we are trying to make the most out of it. Our visit to nearby beaches, parks, playgrounds keeps us occupied all the time. Keeping these kids engaged and entertained is such a task, I tell you! So now as the explanation part of being MIA is over let’s jump into the topic in hand. Today’s blog post is about my latest collaboration with a lifestyle brand called Peach who designs elevated, contemporary women’s athleisure apparel for the gym, work and play.   About…

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    3 Must have tops to add to your Summer Wardrobe

    Spring has sprung and summer is slowly on the rise. With memorial day just around the corner, we are officially going to enter Summer in a week. Change of seasons always calls for some shopping to upgrade our wardrobe. This summer do you need a closet update? I bet we all do. And the easiest and most cost-effective way to stay cool yet stylish is to add a few trendy tops to the summer wardrobe. So on the blog today, I am going to share 3 must have tops to add to your Summer wardrobe.   White ruffle tops A classic white top is a closet staple for my summer…

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    How to wear a maxi dress if you are short Ft. Dear-Lover

    Maxi dresses are fun to wear. They are so flowy, breezy, comfortable, chic and convenient at the same time. Not to forget the prettiest prints we get in all these floral maxi dresses. Whenever I get bored with my little short dresses I seek refuge in a maxi dress. It’s perfect for spring or summer and once layered with a long shrug or a denim jacket can be easily converted into your fall outfit. You can wear it to your beach vacation, to an evening cocktail party or to a day out. But there is a common misconception we have that Maxi dresses are not for petite women as they…

  • Monogram Mania

    Monogram mania with VioletFox

      Yay. Finally bitten by the bug called Monogram mania. But come on, if your name is not monogrammed on something, does it really belong to you? Jokes apart, I have a thing for anything with a little personal touch. When it comes to gifting too, I gravitate more towards customized and personalized gifts. Because in my opinion personalized gifts are so thoughtful and your way to someone’s heart. Even though I have always admired those fabulous looking monogrammed letters on items, ironically I have not owned anything monogrammed till now. Finally, I had the chance to have my own monogrammed goodies, all thanks to VioletFox. VioletFox previously known as…

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    How to wear off the shoulder jumpsuit

    My love affair with the jumpsuit continues. And why not! They are the coolest, comfiest and oh so stylish. The cherry on top, they are officially 2019’s biggest trend and guess what, I am not complaining. Do you remember my first fashion related post on my blog? It was about these mighty jumpsuits. If you have not read it then read it here. So this year also I continue to be faithful towards my jumpsuits. Moreover, I have found the coolest off the shoulder jumpsuit I could ever have. I am going to wear it on repeat mode in the upcoming spring- summer. So here I am sharing few simple…