How to look good after having a baby

how to look good & presentable after having a baby

Hey, lovelies. Let’s talk Mama style today. Motherhood is not easy. From conceiving to delivering to raising a baby, none of this is a cakewalk. And in this process of bringing a new life to the world, our body goes through a lot of changes. Then starts the baby duties. As the priorities change, we become least bothered about our external appearance. So in this commotion and chaos of mama life, It is obvious for a mother to lose the sense of her personal style. It happens to everyone, happened to a style-conscious person like me too. But if you take a conscious effort, it is not very difficult to look good and presentable by rediscovering your style as a mother. So here I am going to share 5 tips on how to look good after having a baby.

Before jumping into the how part of it, let’s touch the why part of it for a bit.

Why looking presentable is important

Now you may argue that why do we need to give so much attention to external appearance! According to me, looking good and put together is very important as it reflects your state of mind, your self-confidence and your self-worth. And why not? Because looking presentable does not need you to put on tons of makeup or dress up in designer clothes all the time. It only needs a few changes in your mindset and inculcating those in your daily life. So the tips follow in

Embrace your body

Let’s admit it. There can be a huge difference in a pre and postpartum body. Come on, we made a baby after all. So it’s absolutely ok to have a little big stomach, a curvier body, few more pounds of weight. Just embrace your body, try to understand your new body type and dress accordingly. For example, after having a baby I started liking wrap and maxi dresses more as these are superb at disguising any extra bumps and bulges. I mostly try to avoid anything which is too much body-hugging such as bodycon dresses.

Give some makeover to your wardrobe

Don’t try to fit in your old pre-pregnancy small size clothes. Instead, go for some retail therapy and indulge in shopping. By this, I don’t mean to spend hundreds of bucks on clothes. Instead invest in a few classic basic pieces like a stylish bag, a nice sunglass, few silk scarfs that you will continue to wear time and time again.

Comfortable clothing is the mama thing

There was a time when I could not live without my 5 inches pencil heels. I used to feel super confident on those. And now is the time when sneakers and comfy pumps are my best friend. Because you never know when you may have to have your next marathon race behind your hyperactive little brat. But there can not be anything as cool as a basic white t-shirt, fitted denim and a comfy pair of sneakers right? So go for it, Mom. Find a few perfect pair of comfortable yet stylish basics and add it to your wardrobe to look like a cool Momma.

5 mins of dedicated time to get ready

Put some conscious effort to give a break to your messy bun and swollen eyes and unpressed clothes, whether you are going to work or simply to drop your kids to school. I don’t think it really takes more than 5 min to comb your hair and to do the basic makeup like applying foundation, Kajal and a dash of lipstick. But it can definitely make you look put together. Plan your clothes in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Have some me time

This is not a secret that to look good you have to feel good. And to feel good you should squeeze into some guilty free me time. Go for a movie or shopping with your girl’s gang minus the baby. Book your spa appointment. Do threading regularly. Ask your spouse or partner to do babysitting on a few occasions and revamp your energy. It will reflect on your face and in your style too.

how to look good
Pinkblush floral dress


How to look good after having a baby
Pinkblush Floral dress


How to look good
Pinkblush Floral dress
How to look good

Few words about Pinkblush

The beautiful floral dress I am wearing is gifted to me by a brand called Pinkblush as part of their brand ambassador programme.Pinkblush is a brand who designs clothes keeping the modern mother in mind. They have some great collection of stylish, versatile pieces that can be worn from pregnancy to motherhood! Their outfits are for real women like us.

If you browse their clothing collection, I am sure you are going to fall in love with each and every piece. I completely fell in for their dresses as those are so feminine, so like me. This floral print midi dress with 3/4 sleeves, a v-neckline, and a front knot detail makes it a perfect dress for spring and going to be staple in my wardrobe.

So that’s all for today. What is your style mantra as a mother? How do you manage to look presentable after having kids? Do let me know through comments.


Disclaimer:Even though this post was sponsored by Pinkblush, all the opinions shared in this post are mine.






how to look good after having a baby


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