How to look expensive on a budget

How to look expensive on a Budget: 8 easy tips

Hello peeps. Today I am going to talk about a few easy peasy tips and tricks on how to look expensive on a budget without breaking the bank. By looking expensive I mean sophisticated, polished, smart and confident. Looking expensive always does not mean that you have to invest in Armani, Gucci, Chanel or Coach or all other designer brands.You can surely achieve an expensive, luxe look by playing with few colour tone, pattern or the way you accessorise your outfits. I am sure none of them is groundbreaking or something that you don’t know. But I am going to establish the already known facts by visually recreating and sharing an expensive look in this post today.

Wear a properly fitted blazer or tailored clothes

It is no secret that throwing on a properly fitted blazer can immediately amplify your look. Blazers are like treasure pieces that look so timeless and classy. Blazers are for power dressing. It immensely helps you to look rich and expensive. You can check out my other casual blazer looks in the following post. Not only a blazer, any tailored and properly fitted clothes go a long way to enhance your look.

How to look expensive on a budget

Pointed Shoes

Shoes play a critical role in making your whole ensemble look more sophisticated.
Pointed toe shoes look pretty as well as luxurious and help to get an expensive look.

Go for a Structured bag

Structured bags are the most flattering hence most expensive looking. Adding a chic structured bag which has clear edges and shapes can immediately make you’re entire look little more polished. It is better to avoid slouchy unstructured bag if you are trying to have a luxe look.

How to look expensive on a budget

Wear Sunglasses

The easiest way to elevate your look is to put on some sunglasses which suits your face. It immediately brings some glamour and makes you look like an important person or some celebrity.

Choose rich colours and create a monochrome look

Wear rich colour tones to portray that you mean business. Pay attention to your colour choices. Darker tones generally convey a stronger impression than lighter ones. Try to mix and match outfits from the same colour palette and create a monochromatic look. It is undoubtedly the most sophisticated way of dressing. Create a tonal balance between your accessories like shoes and bag.


How to look expensive on a budget

High neck top/sweater/ dresses

High neck is a pattern which always looks authoritative. Go for a high neck sweater or top underneath your blazer or coat. It will definitely enhance your look and make you look more confident and utterly sophisticated.

How to look expensive on a budget

Simple makeup and bold lips

Keep your makeup basic and minimalist. Avoid overdoing anything else and simply go for bold lips. It has the power to transform your entire look and make you look classy. Maintain a great hairstyle which suits you.

Confidence is the key

Last but not least, the most important secret of looking posh or expensive is feeling confident and being in your own skin. Stand tall, have a confident stride, make direct eye contact and have a relaxed body posture. The way you carry anything matters the most and can make you look expensive even in your budgeted clothes.

Few things to avoid

Loosely fitted clothes
Too much bright colours in your outfit
Distressed jeans
A bad hairdo
Loud makeup

Outfit Details

Lookbook Store Navy Lapel Blazer(gifted by Lookbook Store)

LookBook Store Black Cowl Neck Sweater Dress (Gifted bby Lookbook Store)

Liz Claiborne Bag

Calvin Klein pointed shoes



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