4 different Jumpsuits for different occasions

Drum roll please!Finally,my first post on fashion and it has to be on jumpsuits.I am a crazy jumpsuit fan.

Now coming back to the point.Have you ever wondered why a jumpsuit is called jumpsuit.After googling a bit I found out the reason.Because it happened to be a piece of garment used by parachute rs ,for its ease and convenience .So it’s safe to say that the sophisticated jumpsuit has come a long way from being a sportswear to be an iconic silhouettes . Today it has found a way into the wardrobe of women worldwide. This chic yet timeless outfit is perfect for a formal meeting, romantic date night,weekend brunch, holidays. Don’t want to spend too much time getting ready for the party but still want to look your stylish best? Want to make a bold fashion statement? jumpsuit is the answer.

OK ,so I have bragged too much about its style quotient, now let me share few of my jumpsuit looks on different occasions.


1. Formal affair

Who says jumpsuits can not be a corporate attire.Try some office-appropriate colors such as navy, black, or charcoal grey while selecting a corporate looking jumpsuit. Single color formal looking jumpsuits can be worn to office ,formal meeting outside office or to office after parties. Accessorize it with a pair of pumps and a satchel bag and you are good to go.



Black Jumpsuit from Macys


This ruffle sleeve , lace panel blue jumpsuit is real fun to wear.Lace is a foolproof way to add some extra flirty-ness to an attire. It is perfect for any casual outings be it to a mall,to dine out or to a movie night.


Blue Jumpsuit from Target

3.The classy two pieces

This two pieces hunter green jumpsuit is my current favorite for its ease and extra comfort.I have heard it from my so many friends that they don’t choose a jumpsuit often as they find it difficult to handle while going to the loo.Two pieces jumpsuits are the answer for that.This is an multi-occasion outfit as you can make it formal looking by wearing a pair of high heels or a casual one by wearing sports shoes.



Green Jumpsuit from Forever21

4.The printed one

Fashion means experiment.Here you can see me wearing this printed jumpsuit which is basically a western dress but the print on it is Indian looking.It is an off-beat combination but I love experimenting so didn’t hesitate to add it to my collection.The loose-fitting jumpsuit is perfect for a chic yet comfortable look and you can pull it off very easily during your daytime outings.



Printed Jumpsuit from Macy’s

This is my small collection of jumpsuits and looking forward to add few more to it.A red jumpsuit is in my shopping list for a long.Waiting to stumble upon the perfect one.

Few tips for buying Jumpsuit

  • For taller people wide legged jumpsuits are best.They can pull it off easily but no worries short packets like me.High heels are our best friend.We can easily pull off a wide legged jumpsuit with a sexy pair of heels.
  • For shorter people, if you don’t want to take much risk then choose a slim, cropped style jumpsuit.
  • For a formal event, choose sleek and well-fitted jumpsuits in solid colors.
    For a casual cool look, wear a loose-fitting jumpsuit.
  • Last but the most important don’t forget to experiment with your look guys.We just need to come out of our comfort zone and try different style.


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