Customizing your dress with eShakti

Ladies and ladies, I have a question for you today. Have you ever dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? Well, I had. Though my life took a different turn and I ended up becoming a software engineer, in my heart I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Even though I could not become one, finally, with eskati I got a chance to design my own dress. Customizing your dress with eshakti is so much fun. And that too at the convenience of your own home. You must be thinking, how. The details following soon.

About eshakti

eShakti is a women’s online fashion retailer who specializes in personalized clothing made to the customer’s size ,height, and preference in style.The fact that women have a hard time finding their size is known to all in the fashion industry.So eshakti was born out of the quest to make customized clothes which are made just for an individual.eshakti clothes are for real people like us not just for the mannequin.eShakti has offices in New York and India.

How it works


Choose one (or many) of the dresses, tops, and bottoms in the eShakti collection.


Whether you choose to customize your item or not, You can at least mention your height to give you a great fit and so that a mini dress will not be a midi on you or a midi will never look like a maxi.


You like the fabric and print but don’t like the short length, you can definitely change the length to midi or maxi. Don’t want it to be sleeveless, go for sleeves and can also choose what type of sleeves you want.Can change the neckline too.

Once you place the order ,Your item will be hand-crafted  and be at your doorstep in 14-17 days.

My outfit details

When I got the collaboration invitation from eshakti, I started browsing through their myriads of designs.Every week they release new collection based on latest market trend.They have great collection for every occasion of your life.At the beginning you will feel lost and confuse to choose a single dress as the options are unlimited.

Now do you believe in love at first sight? I do.When I saw this boho-chic sunflower yellow dress in eshakti site I knew, this had to be mine.

Customizing your dress with eShakti

The dress was delivered to me in over two weeks time.I was overjoyed seeing that the dress was sent form New Delhi.The material is pure cotton which is hard to find here.It fits me like a glove.Being a petite girl , I know the real challenge of finding a mini dress which is actually over my knees and don’t get an automatic upgrade to be midi.As I specified my height and opted for over the knee length it came just perfect.

Customizing your dress with eShakti



Customizing your dress with eShakti


Go check them out girls. You will never be disappointed.

P.S: Even though this dress was sent to me for reviewing, I always try to share my honest opinion and truly loved the quality and fitting of the dress.I had a positive experience with eShakti


Customizing your dress with eShakti



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