How to style an oversized sweater


Oversized sweaters are the absolute trendsetter this season.There can be nothing better than snuggling up in your favourite big cozy knit while going out to face the dropping temperature. Oversized sweaters can be styled in too many ways based on your body type and the look you are trying to pull off.You can simply wear these like a sweater dress with over the knee boots or with a pair of jeans or leggings or over a long skirt. But when you are styling it, the first thing that comes to mind is how to style it without looking like a walking pillow.So here I am going to talk about How to style an oversized sweater

Being comfortable yet looking stylish is always my mantra.So here I am going to show you how I styled my oversized cowl-neck sweater to give it a trim and stylish look.



Choosing the Length of the Oversized sweater

While choosing an oversized sweater you have to be little careful about the length of it as a long oversized sweater may look great on taller people but can make your legs look shorter if you are not that lucky with height.So I chose this cute and cozy cowl-neck tunic style pink sweater with just perfect length,not too long,not too short.

Wal-Mart cowl-neck tunic sweater




A tailored bottom

The thumb rule to follow when you are wearing an oversized top or sweater is to balance it with a nicely fitted tailored bottom.In that way you can reduce the bulkiness of the whole outfit.So that’s exactly what I did while choosing the bottom to pair with this.I selected a well fitted leggings.The navy blue color also goes so well with the baby pink sweater.

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Navy leggings



Adding a belt to show the curve

Belting your oversized sweater is the best way to give it a trim look and accentuate the waist line.Thin belts work best with oversized sweaters as a wider belt can make your torso seem shorter.

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Skinny brown belt



Boots to match the belt

Matching or pairing any two items,from your accessories such as your boots and your belt, can transform the way your whole outfit turns out .Color pairings can help you to look polished and put together.So that’s what I did while selecting the colour of the belt and boot to give it a more polished look.

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Brown combat boot

Do let me know if you liked this look and how do you style your oversized sweaters.



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