• Grafton Inn

    A Spring Getaway guide to the quintessential Grafton Inn, Vermont

    We just came back from the most relaxing spring getaway to the quintessential Grafton Inn, Vermont, and I am here to share all the details with you guys. When most think of Vermont, they think of Fall or Winter, but spring in Vermont is often underrated. Especially late Spring, when the muddy season is over. This is the season of fresh maple syrup, lush greenery, and blooming wildflowers in the stunning valleys and hillsides of Vermont. We visited Grafton in early May and, the weather was very  favorable. We started early in the morning and drove through the scenic routes and crossed many picturesque small towns. This 4 and half…

  • Travel

    The Sayre Mansion:Step back in time in this Historic B&B of Bethlehem, PA

    Whether it’s a chic urban hotel or some unique Airbnb, America has a wide array of accommodation types to offer to its travelers and you will never run out of options. The Sayre Mansion is one such classic Bed and breakfast where history meets modern-day comfort. Where is Sayre Mansion: Nestled in the historic town of Bethlehem in the stunning Leigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Sayre Mansion is situated near all the city landmarks like the Lehigh University, St. Luke’s Hospital, the Steel Stacks Performing Arts Center, etc. The Steel Stacks is visible right outside the front door of the building. Bethlehem is around 2 hrs driving distance from New York…